Wubbzy's Amazing Adventure

Wubbzy's Amazing Adventure

Wubbzy's Amazing Adventure Game

In this game review, we are going to discuss on a game by the name of "Wubbzy's Amazing Adventure." We discuss Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!, the game that it's based on, we discuss the plot of this game, we discuss its controls, and we discuss its game play. Read to know about this game.


The game "Wubbzy's Amazing Adventure" is best described as a side-spooling plat forming game that's based on Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!

Game Controls

Right on top of the keyboard, press left / right for making Wubbzy travel in that direction. Make a press of the space bar for making him leap, and continue holding on to it for making him fall somewhat slower.

Play Wubbzy's Amazing Adventure

The participant has got to venture Wubbzy right through three phases even as he gathers bolts and dodges the eggs of Robo-Cluck 3000 as well as Baby Chick Bots. These eggs have the option of coming vertically, horizontally, and occasionally diagonally and the splats that they create on the earth are going to slow you down at the time that you walk above them. The Chick Bots are either going to walk, jump, / fly about and are seldom large. In the event of you getting struck by any of these, you're going to get thumped back and mislay bolts. While eggs remove a single bolt the Chick Bots remove a couple notwithstanding them being full-size /or flying. On the other hand, the ones that emerge from Robo-Cluck remove four. The numbers of bolts that you're successful in collecting, on the whole, is going to be revealed following the 3rd stage.

In the event of you getting the helmet, you're not just going to thump the eggs as well as Chick Bots off for a restricted time. You're also going to be given the identical quantity of bolts that they remove while the egg splats are not going to make you slow. On the other hand, the knocking out of the toddler Chick Bots that happen to emerge from the Robo-Cluck is still going to give you a couple of bolts. The helmet in every single stage can be got in diverse positions on every single occasion that you play, barring a second one that is located at the conclusion of stage No 3.

The 1st stage, which is the park, features hills, clouds for jumping on, as well as things that you'd witness in a playing field. The swings, as well as slides, enable you to jump further while the fountain is going to make you leap truly high if the timing is right. The eggs commence going down/descending when it's halfway through the phase.

The 2nd stage, which is Widget's Workshop, is characterized by numerous gears, conveyor belts, fan platforms, as well as rotating screws for jumping on, in conjunction with fans that propel you up far above the ground as well as stairs on wheels. More than a few eggs get hatched within Baby Chick Bots and they're either going to be walking/ leaping.

And the 3rd stage/phase, which is Walden's house, consists of heaps of books as well as papers, (collapses) columns and busts, three diverse sets of bones of a dinosaur, bone platforms, and all that. The greater parts of the Chick Bots are now able to fly while "Robo-Cluck 3000" is within sight. For stopping it, Wubbzy has got to keep away from its eggs as well as Chick Bots emerging from its mouth and try and maneuver on top of its head having columns along with its wing as well as body.

Wubbzy's Amazing Adventure Video

What Wow Wow Wubbzy?

"Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!" refers to an animated learning kid's comedy TV series whose creator was Bob Boyle. This series had been animated using Toon Boom software and Adobe Flash, production done by Bolder Media & Starz Media, which was previously named IDT Entertainment. Susan Miller, Bob Boyle, and Fred Seibert had been the executive producers, with David Sandford being the technical director. The music performance is of Brad Mossman, with the musical score composer and performer being Mike Reagan. The series made its debut on the 28th of August of 2006 in the USA on Nick Jr. The subsequent season made its debut on the 2nd of September 2008 on Nick Jr. of Nickelodeon in the USA. It was in the month of April of 2014 that this show got withdrawn from Nick Jr Website &TV Show, on account of waning popularity.

Wubbzy's Amazing Adventure – Plot

"At the time that Wubbzy pays her a visit, Widget informs him that the Robo-Cluck 3000 of hers has gone haywire and that it's been spitting eggs all over the place. Wubbzy makes his way to Widget's workshop for stopping it.

"On getting there, Widget lets Wubbzy know that the eggs have been hatching inside Baby Chick Bots. Robo-Cluck flees the workshop and makes its way into Walden's residence. Wubbzy along with Widget go after it there.

"The massive robot is going out of control within the dinosaur area, and Walden informs Wubbzy that he must do something for stopping it prior to it ruining his place. Widget informs Wubbzy that he requires pressing the button that is present on the head of the robot for stopping it. Having had dodged the Robo-Cluck's eggs as well as Chick Bots, Wubbzy finally makes it there and is successful in pressing the button on the backside of its head, which makes it fall apart. Dino-bones of Walden are secure, and Wubbzy leaps with joy, thankful about the stopping of the chicken robot.

Game Links

"If it so happens that the games refuse to run, the music & dialog are not audible, you must attempt a diverse browser, an example being Internet Explorer. Given low are a couple of links to the game: 1st Version: https://wubbzyamazingadventure.com

A point to be noted is that the 1st version's link features a green colored button that is located to the far left and this button allows you to skip stages.

App version

There's moreover an app version/ edition of the game and it's referred to as "Wubbzy's Awesome Adventure."